The Value of Solid Representation for Auto Accident Victims

It is unfortunate, but there are literally thousands of car accidents that occur in the U.S. daily. In recent years, the number of auto collisions has risen in excess of 6 million annually. Approximately 3 million of these accidents result in serious injuries, while 2 million cause permanent injuries.

Identifying Damages

It is easy to overlook what the full extent of an accident’s damages could be. For example, dealing with an insurance company, many people settle for much less than is actually required to pay for property repair and loss and to heal properly. It is important to understand that an insurance company’s main focus will be on mitigating their costs. This means that they will offer whatever they believe will be accepted, rather than what insureds are actually entitled to receive. Insurance firms are not advocates – they are businesses and their industry relies upon premiums paid, not payouts – to survive.

This is why one of the most important reasons chicago Injury Attorneys that people involved in auto accidents should seek counsel. An experienced auto accident lawyer is knowledgeable about identifying the full range and extent of damages in an accident.

Attorneys as Advocates

Complex issues need an advocate to help guide people through deliberately convoluted processes. There is almost nothing more confusing than dealing with insurance company adjusters. A lawyer is essentially an advocate who is highly trained and experienced with a thorough understanding of insurance and claims settlement as well as trial procedures. West Palm Beach car accident lawyers, a Chicago personal injury firm, or San Francisco DUI attorneys will all agree that this is one of the most important aspects of establishing and protecting claim value across a wide range of auto accident scenarios.

For example, while disabling and fatal accidents generally receive more notoriety, it is often the lower impact accidents that can result in more severe soft tissue injuries. An experienced and aggressive lawyer will ensure that no stone is unturned in determining the actual severity of an injury to ensure that medical bills, loss of income and pain and suffering are recovered. In fact, auto and uninsured motorists insurers often refuse to pay even for reasonable medical bills that are caused through negligence.

The Importance of Evidence

The value of experienced attorneys rises along with the complexity of the claim. The higher the damage award at stake, the more that insurance companies will resist paying what the case is actually worth. The insurance defense also has more chance to downplay damages and muddy the waters with complex claims. This is why another very valuable aspect of hiring an auto insurance lawyer is their ability to make sure that solid evidence exists supporting every aspect of all losses.

In order to gather evidence properly, there must be resources in place and the ability to invest in experts as required. Auto accident lawyers often have local private investigators talk with witnesses and accident reconstruction specialists to gather evidence.

Trial lawyers prepare each case individually so that if necessary, it can be presented to a jury. This requires a great deal of organization, tenacity, knowledge and skill. Attorneys rely upon their medical savvy, negotiating skills, courtroom reputation and work ethic to build solid cases for appropriate damages.

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