As we’ve got already set up, flag football is a much more secure alternative than address footballmuch less hits and collisions equal fewer accidents, and flag soccer is already a established success model it really is being praised for preserving the game for destiny generations. however on the subject of the summer time Olympic video gamessafety is just one issue of the physical demands of the sportthinking about you have much less than a three week window to healthy in all stages of opposition, and the yearround hobby needed to practice and qualify. consider playing 6-7 fulltouch soccer video games with a confined roster all within a span of ~sixteen days, no longer to say other feasiblequalifying occasions throughout the 12 months. For flag footballit’s no longer uncommon to play 6-7 games in a weekend or on occasion even an afternoon, so the game is extra than equipped for this fashion of match play.

2. international Flag football hobby is Exploding

As noted above, this is a prime problem whilst determining whether or not a sport is match to be considered, and whilstconventional American style tackle soccer is extraordinarily famous international as well, flag football appeals to greatercountriesit is a decrease barrier to entry as a ways as fee and system godon’t require full duration and striped footballfields to take part, and is easier to preserve large event competitions and leagues to encourage nearby interest.

3. It calls for Fewer participants

depending on which layout could be used (our guess is either 5v5 or 7v7), flag football calls for a long way fewer members than conventional address footballa part of that is because of it being a less physically disturbing game and the need for less substitutions, and some other element is due to wanting much less professional playerssuch askickers, punters, unique groups, offensive lineman, and so onwhere each traditional tackle football crew would likelycarry 50+ competition, flag soccer might need probable 15 gamers at maximumreducing that number to much less than a 3rdthat is critical because the Olympics cap their general individuals to ten,500 athletes and coaches. It also againallows greater international locations to compete, specially poorer countrieswhere fielding a smaller and less financially demanding group coupled  UFABET with the motives above makes greater sense.

4it is not just a men‘s game

Gender equality is a primary emphasis for the IOC. The 2012 summer Olympics marked the primary time all sports activities blanketed competing girls in their categorythese days, any new game that is added to the Olympic gamesmust encompass both male and woman contributors. For address soccerthere is simply not nearly enough hobby from women participators for it to make experiencewhile there are some girl gamersand even some female tackle footballleagues and agencies, it just doesn’t healthy the mouldin particular with the other problems regarding physicality and barrier to entry. For flag soccer this isn’t a hassle as distinctive above, with female participation booming the world over.

So how can we take the subsequent steps to ride the momentum of flag football instantly into the subsequent to be hadOlympic games? The IFAF has already helped start the process of having the sport of american soccer in front of the IOC in latest years, but with their public troubles and seemingly no motion due to the fact 2014 more wishes to be carried out to maintain shifting forward. What we do know is that flag football is being taken severely in any respect degrees for truelythe primary time in history, with fundamental businesses making actions to get extra into the flag football area and the creation of larger and extra worldwide occasions to gasoline the sport. We agree with that either on it is personal, or as a discipline of address soccer, flag football may be included in the Olympics at some stage inside the next 10-twenty years.

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