Rune Wizard and Quantum Physics

To grow to be an green and effective twenty first Century Rune Wizard, you should have a working expertise of the legal guidelines of Quantum Physics.

As a Rune Wizard, of the 21st Century, heading into waryou will be silly simplest to be armed with a sword, and guardonto the war subject. The battlefield fields of contemporary day Rune Wizards is the ‘mind,’ the intellectual stage.

The laws of Quantum Physics inform us that thoughts are things, that the thoughts creates. And that there exists an endless ocean of shrewd thinking energy referred to as the Quantum Ocean. In realityit’s miles the mind of God, the creator God, who vicinity everything that ever changed into, is or will be into the Quantum Ocean for you as a Wizard to apply.

there is no time, no past, no gift nor future inside the Quantum Ocean, there may be only the NOW.

The runes exist as keys to the everyday innovative Energies of which you may use. all the Norse and Germanic Gods and Goddess’s are there. all the Shamans, Sorcerers, and Wizards exist there. each one down through the centuries, and youand i exist there and her because we have chosen to ‘blink out’ of the Quantum Ocean and do something to elevateraiseour stage of consciousness and attempt to become greater God-like. We, whilst we finish the duties in front folks, we ‘blink again‘ into the Quantum Ocean till our subsequent incarnation.

You hav selected to turn out to be either a Shaman, a Sorcerer or a Wizard. Why else could you be studying those pages? There are no coincidences and not anything happens via accident.

As one in all them you may use the equipment of all of the Norse Wizards that went earlier than you . these types of tools, Spells, Charms and Rhymes also are Wizards United contained inside the Quantum Ocean, in a self contained storage unit much like a software software of many software programs in a massive laptop.

you could faucet into this Wizard software software contained within the Quantum Ocean, mind of God. you may use what’s there and add to what is there. however you can not trade what’s there.

powerful evil Spell practiced through a wizard a thousand years in the past remains there. You can not alternate it. All you could do isn’t to apply it and no longer contact it with your mind and produce it into manifestation or have it ‘blink out’ into the bodily global now. depart it on my own and allow it fade into oblivion in tha infinite ocean.

What you have to do is take out of the Quantum Ocean, mind of God, runes, spells, chants, and rhymes which you canreplace into the twenty first Century. You want runes and spells which have no evil or bad mental energies attched to them by evil wizards of the beyond.

As a wizard, you need to apprehend the workings of the Quantum Ocean and discriminate as to what energies you will use in your rituals and permit to ‘blink out’ into the arena.

Too many silly humans available are working towards all types of magic, rituals, and spells that they may be analyzingout of books. they’re doing Magic that they do now not apprehend and should no longer do. Their lack of understandingis liberating terrible and threatening energies into our bodily global.

You are not going to be one of those ‘want to-be’ wizards. Take some timethere may be no hurry. you have all of thetime, in eternity to ‘blink in’ and ‘blink out’ of the Quantum Ocean to best your Rune Wizard skillsbuild your mental Rune Wizard device box earlier than you cast your fist spell or ritual. understand what you are DOING. Then ACT.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been reading astrology, runes, metaphysics and change restoration treatments for over 30 years. he is 70+, in very good health and lives inside theboonies of the Pocono mountains together with his spouse Lory. His writings are specific and fresh.

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