Types of Car Alarms – Get to know them to make the most out of them

Cars are the most often used and the most preferred commuting vehicles by many. So it is quite apparent that why there are many safety measure available for saving your car from being stolen. There is insurcar-alarmance coverage for the cars. But, insurance coverage is not enough to stop someone ending up in car theft. Burglars are after cars and this is an issue that exists for years. Technology has come to the aid of car owners in preventing the cars from getting stolen. The car alarms is the most useful security measure for the cars. Even if it does not put an end to the car burglary, it at least warns you to go after someone who is messing up with your precious car. There are different types of car alarms available in the market. There are even personalized alarms you can find. The advantage in the car alarm is that the tone of the alarms really puts off the burglars for a few seconds and can even persuade them to stop going ahead. With various types of alarms available for cars in the market, they are broadly classified as the factory alarms and the aftermarket alarms. The factory alarms are installed to the cars by the manufacturers. There exist two types of factory alarms, the active and passive car alarms. The active alarm has to be switched on while the car is locked. The owner has the choice of switching the alarm on or leaving it idle. This type of alarm works using a transmitter button. 3042631_origThe other type of factory car alarm is the passive alarm. The passive alarm never needs to be switched on by the user or owner. These alarms get switched on instantly if the doors are locked and the engine is switched off. They recognize automatically that the car is not being driven. This has advantage over the active car alarms. The active alarms need to be switched on without fail to ensure safety and errors are bound to happen. The passive alarms for car also have an additional advantage. When you have chosen the passive alarms, the insurance companies offer discount. This is because, the error is not supposed to happen as there is no human interference.550px-reset-a-factory-car-alarm-step-8

The factory alarms are nowadays available in almost all the cars. However, they do have a letdown that these can be easily broken by the burglars. So, it is not as reliable as the aftermarket Car Alarm. The aftermarket alarms can be additionally installed to the factory alarms, which can never be upgraded. The aftermarket alarms offer high end security for the cars. There are various features loaded and the cost of these aftermarket alarms for the cars, vary based on the specs. Every now and then state of art features are introduced in these alarms. You can expect to equip your car with features like telematics control, GPS tracking and functionality that can be controlled remotely and starter kill. The new features are sure to make the alarms more expensive. Phoenix, Internet system security need to be as secure as high class car alarms to keep your identity safe.